Fort Worth Property Tax Consulting

Fort Worth Stockyards - Tarrant CountyTaxes are a complex and necessary part of running a business and owning a home. The Fort Worth property tax consultants of Hegwood Group are ready to assist if you find you’re in need of help paying property taxes in Tarrant County. We’ll help reduce your property tax bill or help you file a property tax appeal, as well as assist on a number of other tax projects.

Read on to learn how our expert property tax advisors can help you stay compliant with local taxes, as well as make sure you pay the lowest tax possible.

Tarrant County Property Tax Consulting

As your property tax consultant, we can offer many services related to property tax appeals and will offer our assistance at any stage of your appeal. First, we’ll conduct an initial consultation where we look at your specific circumstances and figure out the best way to proceed. Then, we’ll move onto a property value analysis and determination, and we may decide to conduct an informal value negotiation with the county assessor’s office.

We’re experts in dealing with Tarrant County tax assessors, and our experts can help with mediation, arbitration, or lawsuit representation. You can rely on our property tax assistance knowing that we’ll work tirelessly toward a successful appeal.

Fort Worth Business Personal Property Tax Consulting

One of the taxes that takes some new business owners by surprise is the business personal property tax. There are a variety of states around the nation that require businesses file a return for their personal property, and you might be looking at a serious time commitment if you own more than one property and conduct business in multiple places.

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We’re here to offer business or personal tax help whether this is the first time you’ve tackled business personal property tax, or you’re an established business looking for a new business tax consultant. Don’t risk missing an asset or a filing deadline; allow our experts to ensure the accuracy of your tax reporting.

Real Estate Tax / Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

Even after you’ve successfully paid your personal income tax and business income tax, you might be looking at multiple property tax payments. These taxes might be the largest taxes you pay during the year. If you’re concerned you’ve made real estate tax mistakes, paid too much in taxes, or your property value is wrong, let us act as your property tax consultant.

Did you know our consultants have worked as tax assessors? That means they know what’s going on in the mind of an assessor, and they can make sure you’re treated fairly and experience a positive outcome. Don’t risk paying too much for your real estate tax in Tarrant County. Work with our property tax advisors.

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas - Tarrant CountySales & Use Tax Consulting in Tarrant County

We’ve formed an alliance with State Tax Professionals, which allows us to cover many specialized tax issues like private letter rulings and tax audits. We’ll conduct multi-state research, examine voluntary disclosure agreements, and handle virtually all sales and use tax projects.

Our expertise also extends to problems with tax overpayment and refunds. We’ll review your refund or bill to ensure you’re not experiencing overpayments of sales and use tax. We can schedule vendor invoices that qualify for credits, and we’ll also help in filing tax refund claims.

Other Tax Services in Fort Worth Areas

Property taxes for your home or business aren’t our only areas of expertise. We also assist in the filing of tax exemptions and abatements, and we’ll even help you with forecasting next year’s taxes. Don’t find yourself facing a larger-than-expected tax bill this year. Let us perform an examination of your property or business and offer some suggestions.

Are you concerned that you’re paying too much for your property taxes? Let the tax experts of Hegwood Group help you with property tax relief in Tarrant County.

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