Property Tax Law Deadlines & Calendar

Your deadlines for paying Texas property taxes differ from the dates required for other taxes like federal income taxes. It’s essential to be aware of your property tax deadlines so you don’t put yourself at risk for penalties, fees, and interest levied by the state for late payments.

Essential Texas Property Tax Dates in January

The first month of the year is a busy one for property taxes in Texas. On January 1st, the state may attach a tax lien to properties where payments are owed, as well as determine the interest and penalties associated with the property. Additionally, exemptions for certain taxable values are also determined on the first day of the year.

A period of time known as a “date rendition period” begins on the second day of the year. For all property owners who aren’t submitting an extension to pay, this period lasts until April 15th. For any bills that haven’t been sent out by the 10th of January, taxpayers will see their dates of delinquency pushed back accordingly.

At the end of January, taxpayers who are interested in various exemptions must submit their applications. For example, anyone who is disabled or over the age of 65 must apply for an installment agreement by the last day of the month. Similarly, homeowners who were impacted by a disaster must submit their first payment by the end of the month.

Notable Texas Property Tax Deadlines

On February 1st, taxes become delinquent for those who were mailed their bill before January 10th. February is also the month when cooperative housing corporations can request separate appraisals for interest.

In March, taxpayers will reach the deadline for their second quarterly payment, and it’s also the month where homeowners who experienced damage to their property can pay a portion of their installment without incurring delinquency.

Just like federal income taxes, April is a busy month for taxes and the month includes a deadline for filing renditions and property information reports without a tax extension. Property owners must also file a variety of reports and applications by the end of the month for applications including exemptions, stock reports, planned unit development, and joint taxation.

What Are the Most Important Property Tax Dates?

Overall, there are many different deadlines throughout the year that are related to property taxes, but you probably won’t need to remember all of them.

Here are some of the most important property tax dates to remember:

January 1st – Tax liens are imposed.

January 31st – Last day you may pay taxes before delinquency.

February 1st – Penalties and interest are levied on the past year’s taxes.

March 31st – Payment number two for quarterly payment plans is due.

April 1st – Early collection fees may be imposed.

April 15th – Due date for rendition statements on personal property.

April 30th – Last day for filing exemption applications.

May 31st – Third payment for quarterly payment arrangements due.

June 30th – Second payment on split payment arrangements due.

July 1st – Tax attorneys take over accounts that are still in collection status.

July 31st – Fourth and final payment for quarterly payment arrangements due.

September 30th – Tax rates are set by taxing units.

October 1st – Beginning of the official collection period.

November 30th – First payment due on split payment arrangements.

Rely on a Professional for Your Texas Property Tax Questions

“To obtain professional assurance regarding the issues addressed herein, the services of a competent professional should be sought.”

On its information page of property tax law deadlines, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts suggests that seeking the services of a professional, such as a property tax attorney, is advisable.

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Questions About Property Tax Deadlines in Texas

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