Real Estate Tax/Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

Our experts are former county appraisers with unique experience in valuation negotiations and methodologies.
Real estate property taxes, also known as Ad Valorem Taxes, can be the single largest expense for a property owner, especially in Texas. The Hegwood Group, LP’s core competency is managing and reducing the property tax expense for our clients by providing real estate tax consulting services and minimizing cost. A typical property tax assessment appeal may include several services.


The Hegwood Group’s Ad Valorem Tax Reduction Process:

1) Initial Property Tax Consultation and Evaluation

Our property tax consultants analyze every property tax problem from its own perspective to achieve the best results. For that purpose, we will arrange an initial ad valorem tax consultation and evaluation meeting with our clients to get a detailed view of the exact problem.

2) Property Value Analysis and Determination

Real estate property values are composed of many factors, some of which are intrinsic to the property itself. Our real estate tax consultants will analyze all factors contributing to the property’s value, some of which would include the income produced by the property, the property’s physical condition, and current market conditions.

Our detailed analysis will result in a more accurate value estimate, and hence a fair and equitable ad valorem tax assessment.

3) Informal Value Negotiation with the County Assessor’s Office

As part of the appeals process, our property tax consultants will meet with the county assessor’s office to discuss and possibly negotiate a lower assessment for your property. At the Hegwood Group, LP, all our consultants are former county appraisers and have extensive experience in value negotiations from both sides of the table.

4) Filing of Formal Assessment Appeals with the County Assessor’s Office

If an appeal cannot be settled informally prior to the appeals deadline, we will file a formal appeal with the county assessor’s office. At the Hegwood Group we file formal appeals regarding the property’s Market Value, Equal & Uniform Appraisal, and motions to correct errors to the tax roll.

5) Preparation and Attendance before the Property Tax Appeals Board

Our ad valorem tax consultants will attend any hearing scheduled before the county appraisal review board to argue your case. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the formal hearing process and know the keys to getting an assessment reduced.


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Mediation, Arbitration, and Lawsuit Representation

In some instances, value negotiations and appraisal review board hearings are not enough. In these cases, property tax mediation, arbitration, or litigation may be the answer. At the Hegwood Group, we can assist our clients with any type of post appeal representation. Our real estate tax consultants will work with the attorney as an expert and will attend any settlement conferences with the assessor’s office.

The Hegwood Group, LP’s ad valorem tax consultants are all former county appraisers with decades of experience and expertise in value negotiations and methodologies that can only be obtained from working there.

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