Texas Sales and Use Tax Consulting

Our first priority is ensuring compliance with Texas sales and use tax laws, allowing your business to avoid costly penalties.

Through our alliance with State Tax Professionals, the Hegwood Group offers a wide range of specialized sales and use tax consulting services. A dedicated team of Texas sales and use tax consultants will work to resolve your tax needs and problems. It is their first priority to protect all types of businesses from the devastating effects of non-compliance with the Texas sales and use tax laws, regulations and procedures. We provide comprehensive sales and use tax consulting services.


Taxability Issues and Private Letter Rulings

Consulting services are available for sales and use tax projects including, but not limited to:

  • Taxability issues
  • Multi-state research
  • Private letter rulings
  • Training
  • Nexus reviews
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements


Texas Sales and Use Tax Audits and Appeals

Client representation throughout all stages of a tax audit and are fundamental to achieving a successful audit. Our goal is to reduce the audit liability for our clients. Our audit defense services are available to:

  • Assist in all stages of the audit process — our experts work with the auditor to ensure an accurate audit assessment; and
  • Assist the taxpayer in reducing audit liability after the initial assessment has been made by the state.


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Tax Overpayment/Refund Reviews

The Texas sales and use tax consultants at Hegwood provide detailed refund reviews to our clients according to their business needs. The refund reviews are conducted in order to provide a complete review of accounts payable for the purpose of identifying overpayments of sales and use tax. Services may include:

  • Identifying vendors for possible overpayments of sales and use tax
  • Scheduling all vendor invoices that qualify for credits or refunds of any overpaid taxes
  • Filing tax refund claims and/or amending returns with the proper taxing jurisdictions to obtain credits or refunds for overpayments


Arrangement of Secure Payment Plans for Taxpayers

Texas sales and use tax consultants can also provide help for taxpayers in order to deal with the often aggressive efforts of state tax collectors. We assist our clients in stopping levies, and work to generate a feasible and secure tax payment plan. This way, we keep the collectors off our clients so they can continue running successful businesses.

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