Other Tax Services

Our experienced staff of consultants can handle a variety of tasks, including filing for exemptions and abatements, property tax budgeting and forecasting, and reconciliation of property tax statements.
At the Hegwood Group, our tax consultants specialize in appealing property tax assessments in Texas and across the nation. However, property tax savings and management can include other services such as the following:


Filing for Tax Exemptions and Abatements

Our consultants review every real estate and personal property account to identify any potential property tax savings through an exemption or abatement. Exemptions and abatements are offered by most assessor’s offices and local taxing entities but an application process is typically required. That’s where we come in. We will manage filing processes and assist with any needed documentation. Examples of typical exemptions and abatements are:

  • Agricultural Exemptions for farming and ranching
  • Residential Homestead and Over-65 Exemptions
  • Charitable/Religious Organization Exemptions
  • Revitalization Abatements
  • Business Incentive Abatements


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Property Tax Budgeting and Forecasting

Do you need help budgeting and forecasting for this year’s annual property tax expenses? We can help with that. Our consultants will identify any acquisitions and disposals of fixed assets and real estate, and provide an accurate estimate of the future property tax expense.

Reconciliation of Property Tax Statements

Once property tax statements are issued, our consultants can reconcile the tax amount due to the results achieved through an appeal or through the filing of a property tax rendition/return. If a discrepancy is noted, we can handle the administrative process to get it corrected.