Bexar County Property Tax Consulting

It’s important to ensure compliance with business and personal property taxes, and the property tax consultants of Hegwood Group are ready to assist with a variety of tax issues from business property taxes to sales and use tax concerns. Don’t risk an overdue tax bill with Bexar County.

Let our experienced consultants and legal team assist with your property tax appeal and tax relief.

How We Help Our Tax Clients in Bexar County

Property Tax Consulting-San Antonio

When you receive a bill in the mail for your property taxes, there are options when you feel the amount is incorrect, or your property wasn’t assessed at an appropriate rate. You can file a property tax appeal that may include an informal value negotiation with the Bexar County Assessor’s Office, as well as mediation, arbitration and lawsuit representation with a property tax attorney in Texas.

As former tax assessors, our consultants are exceptionally qualified in offering property tax relief. Getting help paying property taxes doesn’t always mean filing an extension. It might mean filing an appeal instead. Consider getting property tax help early, so you’re not faced with fines or unfortunate consequences of not paying property taxes. Our property tax assistance extends to businesses and individuals.

Business Personal Property Tax Consulting-Bexar County

There are many tax forms required of the average business whether it’s a large corporation or a small startup. Our business personal property tax experts can help with regular filing, and we can also provide assistance with leased asset reporting, as well as asset classification and inventory reporting.

Business property tax may require that you file a rendition or return for every business location. If you own a series of retail stores across Bexar County, this could become a time-consuming endeavor. Limit the time commitment you must make to taxes this year by using a property tax consulting firm like Hegwood Group.

Real Estate Tax / Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

The real estate taxes you pay each year aren’t set in stone. There’s an appeals process that’s available for property owners, and it’s possible using property tax services to file an appeal may result in a lower tax bill. Sometimes, an appeal is settled in advance of an actual hearing. A property tax consultant is a valuable ally in such circumstances as it’s possible to resolve the tax issue without having to go that extra mile through the official appeal.

We can assist with mediation and arbitration, and we can also offer lawsuit representation when post appeal representation is your only option. Our experts will attend any and all settlement conferences with the assessor’s office.

Sales & Use Tax Consulting in San Antonio

We’ve cultivated an alliance with State Tax Professionals, which has allowed our firm to provide a variety of specialized property tax solutions including taxability issues and private letter rulings. With help from our property tax consulting firm, we can aid your multi-state research and training, as well as Nexus reviews and voluntary disclosure agreements.

We’re also valuable allies in sales tax audits and appeals. An audit with a poor outcome can become a costly mistake. Don’t allow audits to create financial problems for your business. We’ll help to reduce audit liability after the initial assessment, and we can offer our expertise in every stage of the audit process.

Other Tax Services in Bexar County

Our business and individual tax services aren’t limited to property, sales, and real estate tax. We’re also able to provide assistance with tax exemptions and abatements including revitalization abatements, charitable organization exemptions, and residential homestead exemptions. Most assessor’s offices and local taxing entities provide these options, but filling out the paperwork can prove difficult.

Allow the Bexar County tax consulting professionals of Hegwood Group to help as your property tax reduction consultants. We know that each client is different, and we always begin with a consultation to determine the best route to lower your taxes. If you have questions about your tax bills this year, consider working with Hegwood Group.