Tips for Hiring a Property Tax Consultant

It’s tax season, and the first order of business is getting your property taxes paid on time and in full! Reviewing your assessment and forking over (possibly) too much money to your county officials gets tiring, and having someone on your side to help would be beneficial. Before you go out and hire the first property tax consultant, make sure you have the right candidate for the job!

Here are four easy tips to follow when hiring a property tax consultant that meets your needs for 2020 and beyond.

They Have Commercial and Residential Services

No matter what you want out of a property tax consultant, be it residential or commercial tax services, make sure to find one who can do both. Not only does this show a commitment to their craft, but it also helps build up their credibility as a company that can help you save money on your taxes.

At The Hegwood Group, we are proud to be Dallas’ premier consultants because we have experience with an extensive range of tax services. Our experts handle:

  • Personal property tax
  • Business property tax
  • Real estate tax
  • Sales and use tax, and more!

Commitment to Helping You Answer Property Tax Questions

Navigating your personal property taxes can be a harrowing experience as an average homeowner. Before hiring a property tax consultant, have a select list of questions and concerns prepared to cover with the candidate.

If they express the ability to answer your questions or at least the commitment to helping you find your answers through county authorities, they are likely a consultant who will be able to help you out efficiently, and effectively.

Organize Your Information Ahead of Time

Before meeting with a potential consultant, be prepared to answer the questions about your property taxes they may have for you! After all, without knowing your story, they won’t be able to properly assess how much they can help.

Our suggestion is to gather all of the necessary documents and evidence to support why you need your consultant’s help. Documents like past property tax bills, assessments, and proof of any home improvements will help your consultant decide quickly whether they can help you or not.

Look for a Consultant With Protest Experience

Most people seek a property tax consultant who can help them lower their annual tax bill through a property tax protest. Ask your potential consultant how many protests they have under their belt, and what their success rate is.

An experienced property tax consultant should efficiently be able to help you prepare and present your case for a favorable result.

Make the Right Choice This Tax Season With The Hegwood Group

Tax season can be a real burden on many homeowners and commercial property owners. Let the Hegwood Group help you save money this year. We are a professional team with experience on all fronts of the property tax landscape. Contact us today to find out why we should be your first choice as a Dallas property tax consultant.

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