Tips to Successfully Appeal Your Commercial Property Tax Bill

Commercial property tax can get expensive in Dallas, Texas, and sometimes it may feel like there isn’t anything you can do except pay the county what they say is owed every year. This year, before you make that large business property tax payment, consider taking advantage of a property tax appeal and saving your business some money this tax season.

If you thought appeals were only available to personal property, we’re here to say, you’re wrong! Here are some of the key reasons why you should appeal commercial property taxes and what you can do to ensure your appeal is strong enough to have a fighting chance.

Why Should You Appeal Commercial Property Tax?

Any property tax consultant will tell you that appealing your business property tax is a risk that can only benefit you. We ask, why run the risk of overpaying business property tax when it’s not even guaranteed your assessment was done properly?

The potential tax savings alone are enough for most people to make an appeal decision, but it’s also important to appeal in order to:

  • Ensure correct property assessment
  • Reduction of financial risk due to high property tax payments

Steps to Successful Appeals

While it may seem like a difficult process, a property tax appeal is actually quite simple once you know the route to success. Before you file your appeal, follow these three tips to increase the odds of success for your efforts.

1.  Study Local Valuation Criteria

You can’t properly contest how your property was valued without understanding the local criteria assessors follow. Your property tax consultant will be able to help you understand the true value of your property while also reviewing how your property is assessed.

We will gladly help you understand the income, cost, and sale comparison approaches that may have been used during your property valuation. Once we’ve determined which of these appraisal methods was used on your property, we now have the basis of a strong appeal case and can better determine if you’ve been overpaying your property taxes.

2.  Build a Case for Your Appeal

Once you’re ready to fight for your savings, remember, that you can never be too prepared for your appeal case. Our advice is to learn the appeals process from the inside, out and make sure your argument helps you handle the process properly.

A well-documented appeal is one that has the support and data necessary to hold up during an appeals hearing.

Your Dallas property tax consultant will be able to help you draft the correct documents that will prove your property’s actual value and help you easily navigate the complex process of property tax appeals.

3.  Submit Your Appeal the Right Way

The last thing you want to do is prepare for the process only to be denied because you’ve missed the appeal deadline. Before beginning the process, check with your county about when the appeal must be received and postmarked. Make sure to note these dates and submit your appeal before you run out of time.

Other quick appeals submission checks should be:

  • Confirmation of online appeals
  • Mailing address
  • The exact documents you’ll need to include in your appeal

Save Your Company Serious Cash With the Help of The Hegwood Group

At The Hegwood Group, our priority is to ensure that all of our clients have the opportunity to save money on their property tax payments. If you are a business owner that feels like you’ve been overpaying on your property tax, take the steps with us for a potential payment reduction. Contact us today to get the appeal process started.

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