First Steps After Hiring a Property Tax Consultant

Property tax season is here and if you know that you are going to be confused when it comes to how to handle this sometimes-massive bill, then you have most likely gone through the process of hiring a property tax consultant for your situation.

So, you’ve hired the right representative, but what’s next? Will they magically get the ball rolling and help you pay off these taxes? Yes, they will help, but there are a few things that you need to be prepared for and physically prepare, when working with a property tax consultant.

Get Your Documents in Order Before Hiring a Property Tax Consultant

If you haven’t gone through a general tax advisor in the past, then this process may be a little tedious and overwhelming on its own, but your property tax consultant really won’t be able to get your case moving without it. Getting all of your documents together will be the action that makes your decision of hiring a property tax consultant a success.

  • Most Recent Tax Returns

    You will need you most recent tax returns. While your tax returns may not directly link to your property taxes, forms like your W-2 or 1099 will help paint a clearer picture of where you stand financially. This can help you best prepare for a great payment plan deal, or financial step ladder to pay your property taxes off on time next year.

  • Expense Related Documents

    The money that you spend each year affects your tax picture in the long-run. You will want to bring these types of documents with you to your initial property tax meeting. Some of the important areas of expense related documents that you should be paying attention to include, moving expenses and personal property tax.

  • Property Tax Assessment

    You can’t fix your property tax problems without having your property tax assessment. This is the first thing that you should be bringing to a meeting with your property tax advisor.

Prepare For a Financial Scrub Down

Get ready to be open and honest about what you frankly can and cannot afford. Yes, we know that talking about your finances can be an uncomfortable conversation, but it is a conversation that needs to be held when you are considering getting help on your property taxes.

Once again, by understanding what you are able to afford, your property tax consultant will be able to best determine a payment approach that fits your needs and does not leave you in a spot that is a financial burden. Remember, all conversations with us are confidential, so being open about your finances is the best way to start a relationship with a tax advisor.

Relax, You are In the Hands of a Professional with the Hegwood Group

If you are reading this and are considering hiring a property tax consultant to help you navigate the minefield that is property tax season, then you need to know it is not too late. The Hegwood Group is Dallas’ go-to group for property tax consulting that works for the people. Give us a call today to find out how our services can help you this tax season.

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