4 Ways A Property Tax Consultant Can Help Reduce Your Bill

Property tax bills are expensive but are not always set at a final payment price. Find out how a Dallas property tax consultant can help you lower the amount of money you pay on your next property tax statement.

1. Help you Understand your Property Card

Although you get a property tax statement once a year, this doesn’t mean the information is a secret in between bills. Homeowners are able to go to the county assessor and request a copy of their property tax card. Knowing the information on this car is important because a precise eye will be able to point out any discrepancies in the bill based on the property’s past.

A property tax consultant can help you understand information on the card that pertains to:

  • Lot size,
  • Exact room dimensions,
  • Specific information about fixtures in the home,
  • Home improvements.

By utilizing a tax professional you run a higher chance of reducing how much you pay because it is possible that a mistake in your statement may be made.

2. A Property Tax Consultant Help you Meet Dispute Deadlines

Although it may seem like appealing your property tax statement is as easy as explaining your issues with the local assessor, this isn’t the case. Property tax disputes have specific deadlines and processes that homeowners have to meet.

A property tax consultant will be able to help keep you on a schedule that helps you define:

  • Mistakes in your property’s description,
  • The market value of similar homes in your area,
  • Major repairs that are needed on the property.

3. Help you Understand the Guidelines In Place

Curb appeal raises your property value, which in turn, raises your property tax bill. If you want to prevent your bill from increasing, you will need to understand the guidelines in place that assessors follow when conducting the evaluation process that determines your home’s value for the year. We know that it may be hard to resist adding curb appeal to your property, but if you know what to look for around your neighborhood, you will be able to increase your curb appeal without increasing your annual bill.

4. Give You the Right Questions to Ask Neighbors and the Assessor

With the right questions, you can easily figure out what assessors look for each year when they are determining how to assess the value of different properties. Remember, your assessor’s job isn’t to overvalue properties, but to value them fairly. So, if you work with a property tax consultant, you will soon enough be able to ask the right questions that will get you honest, helpful answers from the county assessor.

Lower Your Property Tax Payments with the Hegwood Group

If you are tired of paying too much for your property taxes, the Hegwood Group may be able to help you reduce your burden. We are a team of expert property tax consultants that specialize in the real estate tax, sale and use tax, ad valorem tax, and other specialty tax services. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can get started with helping you reduce your property tax payments.

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