4 Reasons You Must Attempt a Commercial Property Tax Appeal

In Texas, it seems like property tax rates just keep going higher and higher every year. Sure, this can be stressful on a resident, but for commercial property owners, tax season can be a particularly taxing time.

Whether you own one building or a chain, as a commercial owner, you’ll have to pay the piper at the end of the day. While paying the full amount may seem like the noble move, the truth is, you could potentially be overpaying on your taxes. This is why sometimes it’s best to hire a property tax consultant.

We could talk about appealing and winning property tax protests all day, but ultimately, it’s your decision to make the move. Here are four crucial reasons why you should always have an appeal prepared when tax season rolls around.

Your Appeal Won’t Impact the Cost of Your Property Taxes!

Many business owners think a property tax appeal will make their property taxes go up. A tax appeal isn’t a credit check! You won’t be penalized for trying to lower your payments.

Your county assessor won’t scour through your appeal and find ways to raise your taxes because you dared to ask them to double-check their information. In fact, the only way your property taxes can be increased during an appeal in Texas is if you agree to it!

You Can Always Try Again

If you’ve attempted an appeal in the past and believe you can’t file for another one, you’re wrong. Whether or not you won or lost your appeal, you always have the right to appeal again in future years.

Through renovations or general property value shifts in your area, your property has the ability to change in value every year. Therefore, you should be applying for a property tax appeal every year. Giving up and not trying to save money for your business isn’t worth the thousands of dollars you may be overspending each year you don’t appeal.

Commercial Property Assessment Mistakes Are Common

We’ve said it before, your property assessor makes mistakes, and they are more common than you think! Some of the most common mistakes made during an assessment are:

  • Typos of information like your lot size
  • Wrong assessment of rooms on your property
  • Failure to take into account of factors that have changed since your last assessment

Double-check your assessment when you get it, and if you don’t think the numbers line up, be prepared to appeal.

Appeals can Be Won!

That’s right, a property tax appeal isn’t something that always results in a denial. With the help of a property tax consultant, you’ll be able to produce the right evidence that gives your case a fighting chance for success.

Many people don’t file for appeals because they don’t think they will win and believe that it makes the process a waste of time and money. The only wasted money in the situation is the money you’re overspending on your property taxes.

Keep in mind, however, that going into an appeal blind and without professional representation can end up costing you more money and time; which can easily lead one to forget about appealing future assessments.

Successfully Appeal Your Commercial Property Taxes With The Hegwood Group

As property tax consultants, we know that tax season can be a costly event for many business owners. Don’t let your high property taxes put your finances in a bind. Work with The Hegwood Group to organize a property tax appeal that covers all of the bases. Start reducing your property tax payments this year! Contact us to get the process started.

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