Property Tax Assessment Appeals

As the economy improves, the real estate market improves as well.  On a national level, Texas continues to rank as one of the best state economies.  There are various factors that contribute to the Texas economy but affordable housing and a relative low‐cost of living are prime factors.  Texans reap many benefits to this growing economy.  One benefit is the …

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Property taxes in Texas–What are they, and how do I lower them?

Property Taxes 101: For those of you who are not current homeowners or have ever owned your own home, consider this your “Taxes 101″ online course. If you have owned a home before, enjoy this brief refresher on ways to lower your property taxes in Texas. Before we look into ways to lower your property taxes, let’s see what happens …

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Texas Property Tax Statements

In Texas and the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area, as we approach October 1st, there are many things that make this a great time of the year:  the temperature drops below 90 degrees; the State Fair of Texas opens in Dallas; high school, college and pro football is underway; and property tax statements begin to appear in your mailbox.  …

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