Travis County Property Tax Consultants

Austin, Texas & Travis County property tax consultantsProviding a full range of property tax consulting solutions, Hegwood Group provides businesses and homeowners of Travis County with valuable, timely, and experienced assistance. Property tax assistance is the best way to ensure you’re looking at the lowest possible tax bill. We’re experts in property tax appeals and have experience in the local tax assessor’s office.

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Learn how we can help with every facet of your property tax assessment, bill, and appeal in addition to providing a variety of other vital tax services in Travis County, Texas.

Property Tax Consulting

Property taxes are an issue faced by homeowners and business owners alike, and it can be a challenge to understand your tax bill. In addition to helping you file a property tax appeal, we can also help ensure tax compliance so that you can avoid penalties and late charges related to your property taxes.

We may decide that obtaining property tax relief might be possible through an informal negotiation with Travis County, or we might decide to file a formal assessment appeal is the best route. As your property tax consultants, we’ll be with you the entire way from the initial consultation to the possible lawsuit representation.

Austin Texas property tax consultingAustin Business Personal Property Tax Consulting

If you own assets that are used to produce income, you could be liable for business personal property tax. Our business tax consultants will help classify your business’s assets and make sure that reporting for those assets is correct and won’t result in a financial penalty. We can also help with personal property renditions and returns, which you may need to do for each business location you own.

We can also discuss asset classification, inventory reporting, and leased asset reporting, all of which may impact how you file taxes. It’s essential that your reporting is accurate because the penalties can punish what is otherwise a well-run business. Mistakes can be costly; the government may issue a penalty even if you make an honest mistake.

Real Estate Tax / Ad Valorem Tax Consulting in Travis County

It’s a possibility that your real estate taxes may eclipse the amount of taxes you pay in all other areas, and it’s essential that your personal property tax return is accurate. We’re experts in reducing property tax, and we can act as a business or personal tax consultant in this area.

There are a variety of factors that go into a property tax assessment, and we can help you understand your assessment.

If we determine an appeal is necessary, we can hold an informal value negotiation with the Travis County assessor, which may negate the need for the full appeals process. You’ll benefit from our experience in negotiation as we may be able to conclude your appeal very swiftly.

Sales & Use Tax Consultants in Austin & Travis County

If you’re facing a sales tax audit and aren’t sure what’s required of the process, our consultants can offer some highly specialized services like help with private letter rulings and audit appeals. We’ve represented clients in every stage of a sales tax audit, and we’ve helped during appeals, too. Don’t let your business suffer from unnecessary fees and penalties. Let us put our alliance with State Tax Professionals to work.

Additionally, we can also provide assistance when you’re facing a tax overpayment and need a refund review. We’ll conduct an in-depth review of accounts payable to confirm overpayments of sales and use tax. Some of the ways we can help include identifying vendors for possible overpayments and scheduling vendor invoices that qualify for credits.

Other Travis County Tax Services

In addition to property, business, and real estate tax consulting, we also offer a variety of additional consulting services for advanced tax topics. For example, we can help you file your agricultural exemptions for farming and ranching, and we can also provide assistance with business incentive abatements or revitalization abatements. We’ll even help you budget for the year ahead with a property tax forecast.

If you have questions about the tax bill you’ve received from your Travis County Assessor’s Office, call Hegwood Group for assistance. Our tax professionals have worked inside assessor’s offices and can offer solutions based on years of experience with Texas property taxes. Let our tax consultants help you avoid costly tax penalties.

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