Reasons to Pay Property Tax Before Thanksgiving

A property tax bill isn’t usually something homeowners in Dallas don’t think about paying until the end of January. However, there is no law in place that says you can’t pay your tax bill early. Yes, it may seem odd to throw down the money before it’s due, but as property tax consultants, we can tell you that there are some serious advantages.

At The Hegwood Group, we are Dallas property tax consultants that want to see you succeed this tax season. Find out how you can save money and more by paying your property taxes before Thanksgiving.

Save Yourself the Stress of a Full Property Tax Bill

It’s no secret, property taxes in Dallas are only rising over the years. Why stress yourself out directly after the holiday rush to gather the thousands of dollars you need to appease the county?

By paying  early, you can shore up the money you’ll need to ensure your family starts the new year off without a financial cloud over its head. It may require you to save up and drop a lump sum at once, but you’ll be paying it regardless.

We say save yourself the stress and pay it off early if you can.

Save Money Now, Save Money Later

Some counties in Texas have payment plans and incentives for homeowners to pay a property tax bill by Thanksgiving. For example, in some areas, if you pay half of your property tax bill by the end of November, you get to pay the other half in the spring.

This option is great because it gives you more time to save money for each portion of the payment, and you can continue to revisit this process year-after-year. Check with your local tax office and find out if your county has any incentives for paying property taxes early.

Have No Property Tax Payment in the New Year

If you have the money to spare, it may be a good idea to just pay off this year’s and next’s property taxes. This completely frees up a tax payment for the new year and can really help a family out if they know:

  • They’ll be reduced to a lower tax-bracket in 2020
  • Money will be tight due to planned changes in the family (i.e. moves, job changes, new children)

While you won’t be able to take the deduction on next year’s property tax until you have the actual bill in hand, you could at least go into the new year in a little comfort.

Unsure of How to Start Prepayment? Talk to The Hegwood Group!

Even if you want to pre-pay, the chances are high you’ll have to search on your county website to find out how. Save yourself the time and get the payment finalized sooner with the help of The Hegwood Group. We can help residents and business owners alike get ahead of their property tax payments Contact us today to get our services on your side.

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