Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Property Tax Consultant

A commercial property tax consultant can get your business’s tax bill under control. Protesting your commercial property tax is a highly bureaucratic process, and an experienced property tax consultant can prepare convincing arguments and meet strict deadlines.

Due to this endeavor’s financial importance, you must find the best property tax consultant in Dallas to pursue your goals. We frequently field the following questions from prospective clients. These are topics that you want to cover before hiring a property tax consultant.

1. How Often Do You Succeed with a Property Tax Protest?

This is a fair question because you want a commercial property tax consultant with a track record of success. A property tax consultant should provide examples of successful cases that lowered taxes for commercial properties, especially those similar to your property.

2. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have With Commercial Property Tax Appeals?

You wouldn’t want to entrust this critical matter to a newbie.  At The Hegwood Group, you tap into a deep reservoir of talent and experience. Most of our founders have been property tax consultants since the early 1990s. Our firm has achieved property tax reductions for thousands of clients in the Dallas area.

If you have extensive business holdings and operate commercial properties under different business names, we can prepare protests for each of your entities.

3. What Strategy Will You Use to Protest My Taxes?

We apply our expertise in local and federal tax law to evaluate your property tax situation from every angle.

The Hegwood Group excels at preparing accurate valuation statements based on what your property could feasibly sell for on the open market or the income-generating capacity of your property. We acquire up-to-date data about property transactions used to derive realistic market values.

Generally, a commercial property tax protest will take one of two directions. We point out that your property was appraised above its market value or that the appraiser valued it differently than comparable properties. The latter reason is known as an equity appeal. We also check to see if you need to include tax exemptions or abatements that could apply to your property.

You have a right to be taxed on a fair assessment of your commercial property’s worth. Appraisers deal with many properties, and they can make mistakes. When they do, our commercial property tax consultant will present a detailed appeal explaining why you deserve a lower valuation.

4. What Do I Have to Do during the Tax Protest Process?

As your property tax consultant in Dallas, we provide complete service. We analyze the market conditions applicable to your property and prepare all filings and presentations to conduct your property tax protest.

Your role will be minimal, except for sharing necessary financial statements and tax bills for our analysis. We ask that you forward any correspondence regarding your taxes to our office as we prepare your appeal. You may also need to schedule a site visit so that we can examine your property’s characteristics and functions.

5. What Are Your Fees?

You and The Hegwood Group will work out a payment agreement based on flat fees or a contingency. Normally, we use a contingency agreement. This means we collect a percentage of your tax savings. We do not charge if we are not able to secure a property tax reduction.

Learn More About Protesting Your Commercial Property Taxes

The Hegwood Group welcomes the opportunity to ensure that your business’ property is taxed fairly. Over our many years of serving property owners facing excessive property tax appraisals, we have gained in-depth familiarity with the rules and procedures for the appraisal districts in the Dallas area.

Contact us to meet with a Dallas property tax consultant today.

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