How Does Your Property Tax Impact Your Community?

If you own residential or commercial real estate, then you already know that property taxes are a large annual expense.  It’s an ever-increasing expense and is never something that a property owner looks forward to paying.

Many people think that when they pay their property taxes, their money goes straight to some invisible government figure on the top of some large, bureaucratic system; but in reality, it’s far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that your property taxes go straight into your local communities that rest outside your front door.

Property Tax Affects Local School District

Education is important, but keeping up educational buildings like schools and community colleges is not something that is free. The public-school system needs to be funded and that is where a significant amount of money from property taxes go.

This financial support goes towards items such as building and playground upkeep, classroom materials, classrooms and teacher salaries. So, the next time that you feel overwhelmed with paying your property taxes, think about all of the good you are doing for the children of your community.

Police Department and Other Agencies

Another area supported by property tax dollars includes the salaries and benefits of public safety officers such as police and firefighters. These property tax dollars also pay the salaries of local public safety personnel that take your community’s 9-1-1 phone calls.

Keeping your local safety departments stocked with all of the right equipment is very important. Your property taxes have a direct impact on how well your local police department is able to function. We would say that makes them a pretty important community investment.

Street Maintenance

Ever drive down your local streets and just silently wish that the local government would just do something about the bumps in the road? The next time you are prepared to play the blame game, remember, your community’s property taxes contribute to the upkeep of your local roads. General maintenance on the street that your property tax pays for include:

  • Street cleaning
  • Patching potholes
  • Snow removal
  • General improvements
  • Trash curbside pickup

Local Government

Not only do your property taxes pay for local government entities to run your community, but they also fund a significant branch in your community that is often overlooked by many Dallas property owners: Parks and Recreation.

The Parks and Rec department is responsible for keeping your community moving and active with various community events that keep your neighborhood moving.

The Hegwood Group Helps You Understand Your Property Tax

If you are concerned about how your property taxes are being used, you are not alone. Many community members across Dallas have questions regarding the payment process of their property taxes and why they are important.

Questions about your property taxes shouldn’t be left unsaid, if you have property tax concerns, get in touch with us today to find out about our services.

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