Property Tax Consulting in Dallas County

Offering comprehensive tax consulting solutions for residents and businesses of Dallas County, Texas, the professionals of Hegwood Group provide assistance for all tax needs related to property taxes, business taxes, personal taxes, and many other areas of taxation.

Complying with local, state, and federal taxes is easy when you’re a teenager working at a summer job. However, tax issues relating to things like homeownership and small businesses are much more complex and benefit from the eye of an expert.

Here are some of the ways the property tax consultants of Hegwood Group can help you ensure tax compliance.

Property Tax Consulting-Dallas County

You get a bill in the mail each year from your local tax assessor, and it makes good sense to inspect that bill for accuracy. A property tax consultant can help with a variety of property tax issues including property tax assessment appeals for everything from mediation to arbitration and legal representation.

Get assistance with business property taxes, as well as personal property tax compliance and administration. Don’t risk making a mistake on taxes; let our professionals help with filing personal property renditions and returns. We’ll also help with asset classification and inventory reporting. Contact us for more information on our property tax expertise.

Do you have a Dallas County tax question? Contact the property tax consultants of Hegwood Group today for a consultation on your personal, business, sales, or property tax issues. 972.248.9574


Dallas Business Personal Property Tax Consulting

Business personal property tax is a type that isn’t discussed frequently, but there are some business assets that may need to be reported and taxed. Understanding this type of tax isn’t always straightforward, particularly if your business has a variety of locations spread out in different counties.

We can audit your assets in keeping with the standard categories and ensure proper depreciation. Calculating depreciation helps us ensure your taxes are as low as possible. In fact, getting a lower tax bill in the mail is one of the best reasons to work with a professional consulting group.

Real Estate Tax / Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

Property taxes are an expensive part of homeownership, and it’s important to make sure you’re not paying more in property taxes than is necessary. With our help, you may be able to reduce the amount of property tax you owe. During our initial property tax consultation and evaluation, we’ll start compiling the details of your particular tax situation.

We’ll then perform a variety of tasks including a potential value negotiation with the Dallas County tax assessor’s office. Our consultants once worked as county appraisers, which means they know how to speak the language of the local tax office. We’ve experienced negotiations from every angle.

Sales & Use Tax Consulting in Dallas County

Compliance with tax laws is essential for the survival of a business, and our consulting services are available for a wide range of tax problems. We’ll also determine whether your business has paid too much tax or is due for a refund. Our specialists will engage in a comprehensive examination of your business’s accounts.

Auditors aren’t people to be feared. Your best chance of receiving fair and just audit is by working with a consultant who will meet with the auditor directly and discuss your business one-on-one. We’ll assist in every stage of the audit process.

Other Tax Services in Dallas

Our tax consultants may have additional options for reducing your tax bills. We can assist with a variety of exemptions and abatements including agricultural exemptions for farming and ranching and residential homestead & over-65 exemptions. In addition, we can also provide assistance as you budget for your property tax, and we’ll help forecast the taxes you might see in the future.