Property Lien Scams: Taxpayers Beware

A tax lien from any governing agency is one of the most frightening scenarios for any taxpayer. This is especially true when it comes to unpaid property taxes or threats from higher government agencies to take over your property if payment isn’t received.

However, while any tax lien message should be taken seriously, scammers can also use these threats to fraudulently take your money, even if you’ve already paid your taxes.

At our firm, we focus on property taxes and helping our clients save money. While not all of these scams involve property tax, we still want to help as many property owners as possible spot these scams and follow up on them with due process.

Here’s a look at what you can do if you get a foreboding letter from the “IRS” or local tax agency that you feel deems a fraud alert.

Bring the Letter to a Property Tax Consultant

Getting a hold of the IRS over the phone to discuss tax issues can take hours. So, if the message involves a lien on your property, don’t be afraid to reach out to your trusted property tax consultant.

As a customer of a consulting firm, you will have access to a team of experts with the resources to track down your payment history, and help you determine if you have, in fact, missed anything regarding your property or general taxes.

If your tax questions go beyond our expertise, we will be able to connect you with a trusted professional who can pick up where we’ve left off.

Do You Really Know That Tax Agency?

A lot of these scammers like to throw around big words and big name agencies that make their message feel official. For example, most people would believe something that comes from the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist, and believing that you owe this agency money could cost you thousands.

Before contacting anyone or footing a bill, do your own research and ensure that the agencies named in your letter are legitimate agencies that you can follow up with for further information.

Overuse of the Term “IRS” and Other Unrealistic Requests

No one wants to mess with the IRS, and scammers aim to use the power of the entity’s name against you! This is a typical trick to scare people into paying money even if they know their taxes are already up-to-date.

Also, be wary of the way the letter asks you to settle your debts. Even though actual tax agencies do want their money, they are rarely going to make it as simple as making a payment. You should always have the option to appeal. So if the letter doesn’t offer that, then you can be it’s probably not legitimate.

Secure Your Property Tax Future With the Hegwood Group

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