Harris County Property Tax Consulting

Providing property tax assistance in Harris County, the professionals of Hegwood Group boasts a staff of experts whose specialties range from property tax consulting to sales and use tax. We have experts on our team who have held positions at the county appraisal office as appraisers, so we offer a unique and valuable view of property taxes and the best methods for reducing your taxes.

Here are a few of the ways we can reduce your Harris County property tax bill, file an appeal, or file a timely return.

Texas Property Tax Consulting

We’re ready to help with your business or personal property taxes whether you’re having problems paying, or you’re concerned that your appraisal was incorrect and led to an inaccurate tax bill. With our experience inside an appraiser’s office, we know how to file a property tax appeal that will have a strong chance of success.

Our property tax attorney will help with mediation, arbitration, or lawsuit representation. Our Harris County property tax consultants can help with a variety of tasks including the preparation and attendance before a meeting before the property tax appeals board. Let us handle your property tax appeal by filing it with the county assessor’s office.

Harris County Business Personal Property Tax Consulting

Business taxes can become incredibly complex when you introduce business personal property tax to the equation. Even if you own a relatively small business, there’s a strong chance you’ll have assets that are used to produce income and that are subject to taxation. We’ll conduct a business personal property rendition, as well as help, submit business property tax forms.

Did you know that you may need to conduct reporting on leased assets and equipment? If you own a business where certain assets may switch locations, those assets may need to be reported to a different assessor’s office each year. Let us help with this task as it can become incredibly time-consuming.

Real Estate Tax / Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to realize they need help paying property taxes because it’s easy to overlook the tax bill until it comes in the mail. We’ll conduct an initial real estate tax consultation and evaluate your circumstances to determine the best course of action. We’ll proceed with a property value analysis and will analyze a variety of factors that may influence a property tax appeal.

If need be, we can also help with an informal value negotiation with the Harris County Assessor’s Office. Remember, we have experience working in this environment, so we’re your best ally when it comes to settling a tax problem without having to resort to lawsuits, arbitration, or formal appeals.

Sales & Use Tax Consulting in Harris County TX

There is a variety of potential issues that may arise from sales and use taxes, and we can provide any service related to business and personal tax help. Some of those services include dealing with private letter rulings, conducting multi-state research, and consulting on voluntary disclosure agreements.

We’ve partnered with Texas Tax Professionals, which ensures we can provide virtually every type of assistance on sales tax audits and appeals, and we can also provide assistance on tax overpayment or work on a refund review. Ensure your business isn’t harmed by non-compliance with sales tax rules by allowing us to act as your business tax consultant.

Other Texas Tax Services

Beyond personal and business property taxes, our expertise also extends to the filing of tax exemptions and abatements, and we can also offer property tax help in the form of property tax budgeting and forecasting. Reduce the likelihood of a tax bill you can’t pay and see if you can lower your tax bill with help from our property tax reduction consultants.

Are you facing a large property tax bill in Harris County you can’t pay? Are you a novice in property taxes and need help filing? Want to know if you’re eligible for an appeal? Let the professionals at Hegwood Group provide expert tax advice and assistance.

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