5 Qualities to Consider When Looking for a Property Tax Consultant

While filing an appeal and saving money every tax season is appealing, the process can be complicated for an inexperienced property owner. With the right property tax consultant on your side, you can make overpaying your property taxes an issue of the past.

However, not all tax consultants are of equal quality, and you’ll have to ask the right questions before working with a team that’s right for you.

Here are 5 qualities you should consider when searching for a property tax consultant.

Their Appeal Success Rate

Appealing your property tax assessment could save you thousands of dollars on your property taxes every year. Yet, before you work with a consulting team, you want to know how successful they are at property tax appeals.

An honest team will show you their success rate and average market value deduction in your area. This information will help you determine if your property tax consultants are a good fit.

They Have Lots of Questions

No property tax situation is exactly the same. Therefore, going into a property tax consultant meeting that doesn’t ask you a lot of questions is a red flag that they are either a rogue team or inexperienced.

The only way a property tax consultant can reduce your commercial property tax is to understand the whole picture. Expect to answer questions about your company goals, the property itself, and a record of your expenses from the last few years. This type of information can help a property tax consultant conceive the right plan for your property tax savings.

The Number of Square Feet They Can Manage

If you manage multiple commercial properties, you want to ensure that your property tax team can commit themselves to your total square footage. Ask your management team how much square footage they are willing to work with for each client. If their answer falls under your square footage, you’ll know they can give you their all with your property tax needs.

Legal Tax Knowledge

You need a property tax team that knows local Texas property tax laws. This not only helps you become well-informed, but it also means that your team will legally reduce your taxes. You want a rogue advisor who cheats the system and leaves you in legal peril come tax season.

Legal knowledge also ensures that your team has enough experience to actually go beyond minimal efforts and get creative with your property tax savings. Taking legal chances can pay off when you’re trying to lower property taxes or appeal an assessment.

Industries They’ve Serves

Does your property tax team have experience managing property taxes for your industry? After all, the standard commercial property taxes for a storefront aren’t going to be as complex as property taxes for a chain of motels.

If your property tax team has experience with your industry, you’re likely to experience results with your unique property tax goals.

Find the Property Tax Help You Need From the Hegwood Group

If you’re tired of overpaying on your commercial property taxes, the consultants of the Hegwood Group can help. We’ve helped business owners from all industries successfully appeal their property taxes and save money that they can inject into their businesses.

Make the next tax year a prosperous one. Reach out to us today and schedule your free consultation!

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